Cameron Diaz returns to film. Neve Campbell stars in a new ABC procedural, and Todd Haynes prepares his next project

Back in Action (Netflix)

Cameron Diaz, who became one of the 2000’s biggest movie stars with the Charlie’s Angels and Shrek franchises, will un-retire and return for her first film role since 2014’s Annie remake. The action-comedy will be directed by Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses) and is based on a script he wrote with Brendan O’Brien (Neighbors). The project looks to be a continued run of successful Foxx-Netflix collaborations that include the superhero actioner Project Power and the zombie action-comedy Day Shift.

Avalon (ABC)

Scream star Neve Campbell is set to star in a new network drama from television super-producer David E. Kelly (Big Little Lies, Goliath). Kelly’s second collaboration with ABC after the successful launch of Big Sky in 2020, the project is an adaptation of a Michael Connelly short story. The series follows LA detective Nicole “Nic” Searcy as she heads up a small office on Catalina Island. Catalina has a local population that serves more than 1 million tourists a year, and each day when the ferries arrive, hundreds of potential new stories enter the island. Detective Searcy is pulled into a career-defining mystery that will challenge everything she knows about herself and the island. Production is set to begin on September 30 in Victoria, British Columbia.

May December (UTA Independent Film Group)

Acclaimed American independent auteur Todd Haynes (Carol, I’m Not There) will begin filming his new project in Los Angeles later this month. Starring Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman, the film tells the story of a Hollywood actress (Portman) who travels to the coast of Maine to study the real-life woman (Moore) she’s set to play in a film. This will mark Moore and Hayne’s third collaboration after the director’s international breakout in Safe and the star’s Oscar-nominated performance in Far From Heaven.