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Introduction to Shasta County

Film Shasta is a fantastic resource for producers and location managers who are looking for outstanding footage of the great outdoors. With an abundance of natural resources such as mountains, meadows, rivers and lakes, Shasta County offers over 300 days of sunshine a year. Film Shasta is at your service, offering a diverse location library, permit information, local production support services, on-site monitoring and the latest information about state and local incentives for filmmakers.

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About Film Shasta

Film Shasta is here to help with your production needs! You can count on us for assistance in locations, permits, local incentives and resources, and all our services are offered at no charge.

Film Shasta is recognized by the County of Shasta and the California Film Commission as the official advocate for filming in Shasta County, California. We are also a member of the organization FLICS (Film Liaisons in California Statewide) and the Association for Film Commissioners International (AFCI).

General Info for Shasta County

Weather in Shasta County

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average high in ºF 53 57 62 69 78 87 95 94 88 76 60 53
Average low in ºF 40 41 44 47 55 62 68 67 62 54 45 40
Av. precipitation in inch 10.84 11.33 9.48 4.75 3.23 1.37 0.2 0.25 1 3.68 7.63 12.06

Average Daylight Hours in Shasta County

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Daylight Hours 9.6 10.7 12 13.4 14.5 15.1 14.8 13.8 12.5 11.1 909 9.2

Permitting Agencies

There are 11 permitting offices in Shasta County. Film Shasta is your liaison to help navigate, monitor and offset permit fees. Here are the agencies and their timelines for processing permits:

  • Bureau of Land Management – 30+ days
  • Bureau of Reclamation – 14+ days
  • Cal Trans – 3+ days
  • California State Parks – 3+ days
  • City of Anderson – 14+ days
  • City of Redding – 5+ days
  • Department of Fish & Wildlife – 30+ days National Park Service – 30+ days
  • Shasta County Public Works – 5+ days
  • United States Forest Service – 14+ days Whiskeytown National Recreation Area – 14+ days

First Aid & Medical Services

Mercy Medical Center
2175 Rosaline Ave.
Open 24 hours

Shasta Regional Medical Center
1100 Butte St.
Open 24 hours

American Medical Response
4451 Caterpillar Rd. Suite 1
Ambulance on call

A Few Filming Locations in Shasta County 

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Lassen Volcanic National Park

Sundial Bridge

Lake Shasta Caverns

Shasta Dam

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Category: Natural Landscapes & Parks

The park offers an incredible amount of locations within its borders. Features include waterfalls, meadows, heavily forested areas, fire-scarred locations, campgrounds, lakes, trails, windy roads, spectacular views and more. The park was recently featured in a Nature Valley commercial, which won park ranger Michelle D’Ulisse and location manager Weston Marsh California On Location Awards for their efforts.

  • King’s Creek Meadow – Approved filming location non-wilderness area
  • Lake Helen – Approved filming location and non-wilderness area
  • Painted Dunes – Filming can take place only up to the wilderness boundary portion of the Butte Lake Area which starts about a half mile before reaching the Cinder Cone on the Cinder Cone trail. The lava flows can be seen around the lake right from the Butte Lake Day Use Parking Area.
  • Kings Creek Falls and Mill Creek Falls both have trails approved for filming as they are in non-wilderness areas. However, once you get to the falls the wilderness boundary begins and both falls are pretty inaccessible due to rough terrain and no trail access to be able to get up close to them.

Filming generally can take place in all non-wilderness areas of the park. Special consideration is taken for requests of closed areas. A minimum of 14 days is needed to process a filming permit application. News coverage does not require a permit for either filming or still photography but is subject to time place and manner restrictions if warranted to maintain order and ensure the safety of the public and the media and protect natural and cultural resources.

Sundial Bridge

Category: Water/Coastal Areas

Designed by Santiago Calatrava, the Sundial Bridge is an architectural marvel. The glass-decked, cable-stayed cantilever suspension bridge reaches 217 feet into the sky, spans 710 feet across the Sacramento River and is one of the world’s largest working sundials. This has been a popular spot for commercial projects and b-roll. Companies including Nautica, GMC and most recently Prudential filmed at this location.


Lake Shasta Caverns

Category: Natural Landscapes & Parks

This location is a National Natural Landmark and provides many options including Shasta Lake access, catamarans, buses, an old military LCM-6 vessel and multi-room caverns available for filmmaking. This has been a popular location for indie filmmakers and b-roll for commercials.

Shasta Dam

Category: Water/Coastal Areas

Shasta Dam is a curved gravity dam across the Sacramento River at Lake Shasta and provides beautiful shots of the lake and Mt. Shasta. The dam generates hydroelectric power and forms the largest reservoir in California. It served an important role in World War II providing electricity to California factories, and still plays a vital part in the management of state water resources today.


Incentives & Rebates

Shasta County is dedicated to serving the film industry and has a local incentive that was launched in 2018. For qualifying productions, they offer a hotel room/per night rebate, permit fee rebate and a 5% direct spend rebate.

Qualifying productions can receive up to $50,000 through our local incentive program. The Local Incentive program is aimed at retaining and increasing feature and television production in Shasta County by subsidizing permit fees, offering hotel rebates and direct spend incentives.

To learn more about Shasta County Film Incentive Program, contact the Film Office at (530) 225-4103.

Visit the California Film Commission’s website to learn more about the California Film & Television Tax Credit Program.

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Cascade Theater

Film Credits for Shasta County

Sabina is the gold standard for film commissioners, and she made a tremendous difference throughout the process. We scouted many areas, including other national parks in California and ended up choosing Lassen Volcanic National Park and the Shasta area because of the beautiful scenery, the variety of locations available in such close proximity, and also because of Sabrina’s guiding influence and assurance that these locations would be available to us.

Weston Marsh

Location Manager

Shasta County has the best collection of film locations. Ancient forests, waterfalls, lakes, volcanoes and they’re all centered around a great town with all of the resources any production would need. The Shasta Film Commissioner’s office has been a great help to me over the years. I’ve directed over a dozen commercially released movies in Shasta County.

Rene Perez

Writer & Director, iDiC Entertainment

Of all the cities I’ve filmed in, Redding has been one of the quickest to jump to our assistance for anything needing to be done to make our production a success. This, on top of locations that provide scenic mountains and lakes, small downtowns, city, hospitals, and more makes it an ideal location to film.

Dustin Schultz

Executive Producer, The Union Productions

Film Credits

  • “It’s A Miracle” TV Show Lassen Park
  • At The Chalet
  • 1969 (Feature Film/Sequence)
  • ABC’s Great Christmas Light Fight
  • Action Man Toy Comm.
  • Alien Showdown: the Day the Old
  • West Stood Still
  • Almost Heroes (Feature Film)
  • America’s Most Wanted (TV Episode)
  • Bayliner Boats Commercial
  • Black & Decker Tool Comm.
  • Bridges Of The World (NTV)
  • CA Dream Eater
  • CA. Dreamin’ Documentary
  • Chevrolet Blazer
  • Chevrolet Trucks
  • Climb An Angry Mountain
  • CNBC Blue Collar Millionaires
  • CNN’s The Hunt with John Walsh
  • Discovery Channel “Snow Blizzard”
  • Disney’s Planes
  • Extreme Adventures TV
  • Extreme World Records
  • Firefox (Clint Eastwood Feature Film)
  • Forced Agenda (Feature Film)
  • Ford
  • Free Gold (Independent Feature Film)
  • Global TV Whiskeytown Cemetery
  • Great Western Savings Comm.
  • Hartford Ins. Comm.
  • Hell Is For Heroes (Feature Film)
  • Homestead Rescue
  • Honda Commercial (For Japan)
  • I’m Having Their Baby
  • Impact TV with Martin Sheen
  • Infinity Car Commercial
  • Jeep Ad (Big Pictures Inc./Ponta Castle Ingram Agency)
  • Jeep Catalog Shoot
  • Jeep Commercial
  • Latta (German Margarine)
  • Lexus Brochure Shoot (Froomer Pictures)
  • Lost Gold
  • Lost in Light
  • Marlboro Commercial
  • Mercy Medical Center Commercial
  • Merle Haggard Music Video

  • Methods of Take NBC Sports
  • MTV: Real World
  • My Classic Car
  • Nature Valley
  • National Geographic TV
  • National Health Plans Comm.
  • Nissan Car Commercial
  • Nissan Car Commercial
  • Burney Falls (June)
  • Orvis Fashion Shoot
  • PG&E
  • Pet Stories Documentary
  • Playing with Dolls
  • Playing with Dolls II
  • Prey for Death
  • Rescue 911 Television
  • Rodeo Girls A&E TV Show
  • Saab Car Comm.
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Stagg Apple Cider Commercial
  • Stand By Me (Feature Film/Sequence)
  • Stelara Pharmaceutical commercial
  • Subaru Car Comm.
  • Tarsen-Red Car Commercial Daiwu
  • Car Commercial @ Shasta Dam (European Car)
  • Tecate Beer Commercial
  • The Burning Dead
  • The Dead and the Damned III
  • The Dead the Damned and the
  • Darkness (The Dead and the
  • Damned Part II)
  • The Hunting
  • The Snow Queen
  • The Travel Guys
  • TNN High Adrenaline Jobs
  • Top Gear
  • Toyota Commercial
  • Unsolved Mysteries (TV Episode) Lost Loves (Shasta Lake City)
  • Unsolved Mysteries TV
  • Vodka Commercial
  • Water Commercial
  • Wheelabrator Alliance
  • Willow (Feature Film/Sequence)
  • Wisconsin Electric Commercial

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Sabrina Jurisich

Sabrina Jurisich

Shasta County Film Commissioner

Phone: 530-710-7784