It’s not easy launching anything during a pandemic, but in 2021 Destination Film Guide launched its successful inaugural print guide and popular website. Early 2022 also saw the launch of our new InSite e-newsletter, which is distributed to a base of over 3,000 production company subscribers and receives open rates north of 30%.

Recognizing the growing importance video plays in our industry, and with our mission to create an ever-reliable resource for North American locations, we are excited to add a new video series this April. We’ll be talking to some of the brightest minds in the destination film industry and publishing videos across our platform.

With our new video initiative and consistent coverage continuing to supplement the Destination Film Guide Brand, we have decided to push our print publishing date to August 2022. This will give us an extended period to showcase new locations, accumulate more helpful resources and ensure that new incentive programs are ready-for-market.

We are incredibly excited about the future of the North American film industry, and we’re invested in our mission to connect locations across the continent with top creative talent.

We look forward to sharing your unique story.