Since Centaur Film Company moved from New Jersey to the modest citrus groves of Hollywood in 1911, the Golden State has become the headquarters for America’s premier film studios and production companies, as well as one the largest collection of creatives on Earth. The state receives an average of 315 sunny days, a diverse collection of locations (from vast coastlines to arid deserts) and a creative infrastructure formed from a century of innovation. While other American states have become hotbeds for productions in recent decades, California continues to host more projects than anywhere in North America and constantly attracts talent through the dedicated work of the Film Liaisons in California Statewide (FLICS).

This collection of over 40 film commissions and offices across California share resources to assist productions with scouting, permits and local talent. This one-stop resource is essential for any film, TV or commercial producer across the Golden State, and FLICS members will work to assist your production across jurisdictions.”Our strength as an organization is the ability to collaborate and identify locations for stories that require multiple settings,” says Sabrina Jurisich, FLICS President and Regional Film Commissioner for Upstate California. “Whether you need redwood forests, skyscrapers, small towns, or film friendly beaches, our members are happy to share resources so that productions can save time and money and keep their focus on the creative aspects of the project.”

FLICS’ vast array of tools and resources will help you navigate all sorts of production issues, from work permits to on-set safety. Their team can help put you in touch with relevant government agencies, industry associations and union contacts. Their website also contains comprehensive production directories, entertainment job listings and useful charts for studio zones. Read more to learn about a few of our  members and how they can provide unforgettable locations for your next creative endeavor.

FLICS in California

Imperial County

Monterey County

Placer County

Upstate California

West Hollywood

Imperial County

Located on the US-Mexico border, Imperial County has long served as a backdrop for Hollywood. With unique buildings and architecture, its seven cities and eight unincorporated communities are surrounded by sand dunes, rocky deserts, mountains and vast agriculture. Some of our film credits include La Bamba, Return of the Jedi, Jarhead, Sahara and Jumanji: The Next Level.


Charla Teeters
Imperial County Film Commission

Imperial County California filming locations
Pacific Grover Monterey County filming location

Monterey County

It’s been called the “Greatest Meeting of Land and Sea.” Monterey County’s beautiful, diverse locations have drawn filmmakers for decades. Dramatic coastal settings from Pacific Grove and Carmel-by-theSea to Big Sur and Monterey. Plus rural, agricultural looks in the Salinas Valley. From famous films to Big Little Lies, the best locations are here. 


Karen Nordstrand
Monterey County Film Commission

Placer County-Lake Tahoe

Placer County boasts stunning locations, including rich farmlands and industrial sites of the valley, rivers and forests of the foothills, and the sparkling blue lake and ski resorts of the mountains. We welcome all media productions to scout, film and enjoy our spectacular natural beauty year-round.


Juli Johnston, Film Program Liason
Placer-Lake Tahoe Film Office

Custer State Park
Custer State Park

Upstate California

Find your next location in Upstate California! We are here to help with pre-scouting, permits, local referrals, at no cost to you! Our region encompasses four counties with diverse options: valleys, mountaintops, small towns, waterfalls, caverns, rivers, historic, modern, state and national parks, and more! Contact us today!


Sabrina Jurisich, Regional Film Commissioner
Upstate California Film Commission

West Hollywood

The City of West Hollywood is here to support your production from scout to strike. Home to iconic locations such as the Sunset Strip and the Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood also can double as Anywhere, USA with our many unique residential and commercial areas — all within 1.9 square miles. 


Eddie Robinson, Film Coordinator
City of West Hollywood Film Office

City of West Hollywood filming location