The organization is the first American tribal film office to attract filmmaking talent with an incentive program

This Tuesday, the 14-country reservation introduced the Cherokee Nation Film Incentive program, which will award $1 million in annual funding for projects produced in Cherokee Nation. Beginning on March 1, applicants can qualify for a cash rebate for qualified production expenses that can be traced to the 7,000-square film area in northeast Oklahoma. The program is designed to spotlight Native American voices that have been marginalized and stereotyped by the mainstream American entertainment community.

“There are substantial benefits in launching this powerful economic tool within the Cherokee Nation reservation,” said Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. during a press conference on Tuesday. “In addition to expanding career opportunities for Indidgenous filmmakers, producers, directors, actors and behind-the-scenes crew members, this new incentive program reinforces Cherokee Nation’s commitment to creating quality jobs and supporting small, family-owned businesses within our tribal communities.”

The new initiative will be offered in conjunction with the state of Oklahoma’s own incentive program, which offers cash rebates to productions that utilize Oklahoma locations and hire local talent.